Best Paper Award at TMA2021

Wednesday, Oct, 2021 By Raffaele.

We’re proud to announce that our PhD candidate Raffaele Sommese has won the Best Paper Award at TMA 2021 for his paper entitled “Characterization of Anycast Adoption in the DNS Authoritative Infrastructure”.

The paper, co-authored with colleagues from UC San Diego, SIDN Labs and CAIDA, studies the evolving adoption of anycast by authoritative name servers in the DNS. As a core infrastructure, the continuous availability of the DNS is of critical importance, and the adoption …

Orphan Records - Fixing Afilias Zones

Sunday, Sep, 2020 By Raffaele.

Our work on orphan records: “The forgotten side of DNS: orphan and abandoned records” presented at WTMC2020 and at OARC33 raised a lot of interest in the DNS community. Afilias, which owns some of the TLDs affected by the orphan misconfiguration acknowledge the problem and is working on to fixing it .

Afilias to Protect TLDs Against Potential Orphan Glue Exploits

SuperDNS - Diving into DNS delegation inconsistency

Saturday, Jun, 2020 By Raffaele.

Our work on delegation inconsistency: “When parents and children disagree: Diving into DNS delegation inconsistency” presented at PAM2020 and at RIPE80 raised a lot of interest in the DNS community. There is a new Internet draft on the DNSOP WG that addresses this inconsistency issue: As requested by one of the draft’s authors, we provide here a similar setup as used in our paper, so developers can test …