Best Paper Award at TMA2021

We’re proud to announce that our PhD candidate Raffaele Sommese has won the Best Paper Award at TMA 2021 for his paper entitled “Characterization of Anycast Adoption in the DNS Authoritative Infrastructure”.

The paper, co-authored with colleagues from UC San Diego, SIDN Labs and CAIDA, studies the evolving adoption of anycast by authoritative name servers in the DNS. As a core infrastructure, the continuous availability of the DNS is of critical importance, and the adoption of anycast can help improve the availability of the DNS. The paper shows significant growth over time between a first snapshot in 2017 and today’s Internet in 2021. While overall, the growth in use of anycast for DNS has positive consequences for the resilience of the DNS, the paper also discusses potential downsides and pitfalls that operators may need to address.

The paper is available as open access (courtesy of IFIP) via this link: