Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most disruptive attacks in today’s Internet. These types of attacks are even more effective and more dangerous when they involve and misuse Internet infrastructure and services.

One of the targets of these attacks is the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS is a fundamental pillar of the Internet’s core infrastructure, and its role is crucial not only for the translation of human-readable names into IP addresses but also for supporting plenty of widely used Internet applications, such as e-mail, VoIP, etc.

This is the reason why DDoS attacks on DNS infrastructure will have a devastating effect, indeed an attack able to disrupt the DNS infrastructure can disrupt the entire Internet itself.

MADDVIPR (Mapping DNS DDoS Vulnerabilities to Improve Protection and Prevention) project is a collaboration between the University of Twente and the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA-UCSD)

This project will lead the following results: